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L’EsSENSiel Restaurant

The Essence of creativity - L’EsSENSiel Restaurant

The restaurant "La Table L’esSENSiel".

Olivier Boizet has a passion for flavour and respects his ingredients; his cuisine is modelled on what he himself likes to eat: gourmet food, an author’s cuisine, created in harmony with the seasons.

A cuisine which is up-to-date but not based on passing fads, contemporary but with no fashionable flourishes. Creativity at its essence, and a sense of flavour.
He is in a region where the soil is rich and he has special relationships with all his suppliers who are often small producers.

He is inspired by seasonal change and reinvents French-inspired dishes, allowing the ingredients to express every one of their subtle nuances….

Ruby Room
Our RUBIS lounge, the latest in modern design, a boudoir with a modern twist, is just the place to savour an aperitif or after-dinner drink.
And comfortably ensconced in a cosy atmosphere, you can sample the fine wines of the Château’s cellars.
Service is available from 11am until the restaurant closes

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